Creating ADH

It was incredible working with Ash to help him and his father create something they've always dreamed of. Initially ADH Detailing, they offer bespoke paintwork and vehicle detailing. With years of experience between them they help keep your car in pristine condition.

I then helped create a second branch of ADH, ADH Porsche. Following a partnership, they are now able to completely service, repair and maintain any Porsche model. ADH is growing by the day and their team are highly skilled and passionate about what they do.

Branding & Identity

A racing green and black theme with a clean and modern logo. The car is split in two, a nod to the business being made by a father and son.

The Design Process

Below are just some highlights of the ideas and initial sketches that lead to the final identity of ADH. In red are comments made by the client. After many explored avenues it was decided to go with something classic and modern. Overall the client was very happy with the process.

Website Development

After creating the identity for ADH Detailing it was time to create an online presence. Using a sleek deign with smooth animations and custom images, we were able to build something we were really proud of. We then repeated a similar process for the branding and building of ADH Porsche.

Branding In Use

Shown are various real-life branding mixed up various digital mockups. Mockups are used during design to give the client a feel as to what the brand will look like in the real world.

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