Creating BoomBox for Lakota Bristol

Lakota is considered the beating heart of Bristol's underground music scene. Comfortably holding over 1200 people over it's three massive floors, Lakota is well known to deliver a quality night out. I was contacted by them to help brand and advertise an upcoming Hip-Hop and R&B event to take place during September. The target audience was mainly students, aged 18-24 and the brief was the designs had to be popping, exciting and be true to it's underground roots.

The Logo

Below are just some highlights of the ideas and initial sketches that lead to the final event logo. In red are comments made by the client. Although the event wasn't due to launch for a few months it was imperative they began advertising ASAP so the turnaround time to get this designed had to be very quick.

Posters & Branding In Use

Together we created two unique posters for the event. First was designed around Smoke Boyz (formally Section Boyz) and needed to feature the artists whilst keeping a cartoony vibe. The next event was themed around Drake on holiday, Drakeation. Again keeping with the cartoony style meant both designs were consistent with the theme of the event. Overall it was a sellout event and the client was incredibly happy.

After creating the posters we went on to design social media assets, wristbands, lanyards and t-shirts.

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