Medical Comedy with Malignant Humours

Malignant Humours, formally known as St George's Comedy Revue, is the well-known comedy society at St. George's University of London. These medical students put on three absolutely hilarious shows each year and for the last 9 years have completely sold out their show at Edingburgh Fringe, these guys really know how to make your sides hurt.

I'm lucky enough to have worked with them as their main Graphic Designer for three years now and it's always refreshing when I get to work on the design for their next bonkers idea.

Malignant Humours Cast


Before getting to work on their first show, a refreshed logo was needed. I kept the legacy of the theatrical masks and stethoscope, indicating their roots as comedic medics. The style was changed to flow better and incorporate their new name, The Malignant Humours.

Old Design

New Design

Poster Designs

Below are the various posters we have created over the years. Mainly the themes take a spin on a medical term or condition so beware as there is some mature content ahead.

The Fresh Prince Of Health Care

In 2018 the Malginant Humours headed to Edinburgh Fringe with a twist on the classic Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. Keeping bright popping colours and a graffiti style writing made something truly eyecatching. I was lucky enough to go to the Fringe that year and safe to say it was absolutely hilarious.

2018 UH Comedy Revue

Throughout the year the United Hospitals of London go head to head in a range of competitions from sports to comedy. In 2018 I was asked to design the poster for the Comedy Show. All I could think of was the five medical school giants battling it out over the city of London, so this comic book mega-monster battle seemed perfect.

Bipolar Express

Their latest Christmas show took a spin on the wholesome classic The Polar Express.

Bipolar Express

Their latest Christmas show took a spin on the classic wholesome classic The Polar Express.

E.T. The Extra-Testicle

In 2019 for Edinburgh Fringe they went with probably their most outrageous idea yet, my search history was questionable when looking for source material for this one.

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